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Thrustmaster T500 RS

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So I have been using this fantastic wheel for quite awhile now. I’ve posted my thoughts about this wheel already at various places but thought it also deserved it’s own blog. A few months ago when Gran Turismo 5 released I decided it was time to get a wheel. Initially, I battled between a Fanatec GT2 + CSP vs T500rs for my purchase. However, at the time, the Fanatec GT2 was out of stock and would not hit the US in full until June. So that made the decision easy to go with the T500RS which features compatibility with a few titles on the PS3 (gran turismo 5, Nascar 2011, and Dirt 3) and full compatibility with any proper PC sim that supports custom wheels.

Like many, I was immediately blown away by the incredible force feedback and rapid speed of the wheel. Gran Turismo 5 takes full advantage of this wheel and doesn’t hold back. The brakes though utilize pots instead of load cells though. However they are very stiff and great quality probably coming into 2nd place behind Fanatec’s legendary Clubsport brake pedals. The unit is pretty heavy though so I initially had to build a little muscle moving it around to my desk, etc. The clamp on this wheel works great. Even this odd desk I have the ‘claw’ fit perfectly on it and mounted the wheel to my desk. Eventually though I decided to go with a Wheelstand pro stand which works great with this wheel.

Recently, Thrustmaster has just announced the TH8 RS Shifter which is poised to be one of the best shifters on the market. Everyone already expected a top quality product but Thrustmaster still managed to surprise everyone by announcing their shifter is designed to work with any wheel as long as the game supports it.

I highly recommend this wheel for PS3/PC gamers. For xbox gamers, obviously the T500rs will not fit the bill. Microsoft xbox uses a proprietary technology, called XID which makes using wheels like the t500rs impossible. But on the bright side, there is a plethora of games on the PS3/PC to play. In an earlier article I listed several racing games which can all be played using this wheel with exception to the Forza video game series of course which are unfortunately xbox exclusive

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