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Red Dead Redemption

June 29th, 2010 No comments

Just completed Red Dead Redemption last night. I was surprised by the length of this game, the story, and amount of work that went into this title. The graphics looked very nice and the gameplay was really solid. Rockstar San Diego did a very good job with this one :)

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Red Dead Coop pack & xp glitch

June 23rd, 2010 No comments

Last night my friends and I eagerly downloaded the new Coop DLC for Red Dead Redemption. However, once we tried to connect to public roam we were greeted by infinite loading screens. Quickly, my buddy discovered if we loaded from single player->private->public roam that would work. So we loaded in that way and discovered we were invisible to each other and couldn’t ride our mounts.

Ontop of that, no NPCs were available at the gang hideouts. So if you go to a hideout by yourself or with a posse, etc you’ll be awarded XP for completing the hideout. And due to the replay feature, you could basically go to a place like Fort Mercer and quickly maxout to Level 50. The ironic part is that I’m reading on the boards an xp nerf went out. Instead, I suspect a lot of people hit L50 (the inverse).

We’re planning to try again later tonight so my fingers will be crossed that most of the problems will be resolved.

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Skull of the Shogun

June 5th, 2010 No comments

Skull of the Shogun is being made by some former EA-LA employees that now get to work on their dream game. Going to be keeping my eye on this one :)

Gamasutra had a very nice writeup about the game and the newly formed Haunted Temple Studios.

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